Sunday, August 22, 2010

2010 Philadelphia Inventors: Thomas Bartell

Well, the US Chess League starts tomorrow and I have 7 more of these player profiles to do!

Lets get right to it then.

Thomas Bartell is a Fide Master from Media, Pennsylvania, which is a hop and a skip away from Philadelphia. He teaches chess, and you can get online lessons from him. Going to have to make these short, so that is all for the biography!

Here are some of Bartell's games.

As a 1. Nf3 player, this game makes me pretty excited. This is exactly the type of half tactical half positional games that are so fun to play that come from 1. Nf3. Bartell gets some center passed pawns, and simplifies down to a Knights vs Bishops endgame that he is able to win. Cool stuff!

Here is an e4 game where Bartell is plays against Black's doubled pawns, and then isolated pawns.

Here, Bartell upsets former US Chess Champion Yuri Shulman.

I am not sure if Bartell has an International Master norms at this point, but he is only about 20 points away from the 2400 FIDE rating mark necessary for the International Master title. If he has got the norms, it will be exciting to see if he can get his rating over that 2400 mark.

Good luck to him!

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