Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Double Bad News!

Well, the Inventors lost last night to the New York Knights 3 to 1. The Inventors did not get a win, but Bartell and Costigan got draws. Costigan was rated higher than his opponent, but Bartell's draw against GM Fedorowicz is impressive. I dont know for sure, but looking at the game, it seems like Bartell was content with a draw and got it. He was never under much pressure throughout, so that is pretty cool.

The other bad news is that my Computer is having some problems right now and I basically cant use it. I can use friends' computers every now and then, but I will only be able to blog lightly for the next 2 weeks or so. I will try and give brief updates like this one. I will also try and get a bunch of stuff ready so when my computer is fixed I can put up a whole lot of stuff to make up for the absence.

By the by, here is some good analysis from the Boston Blitz site of Bartell's win over Shmelov. Thanks for the analysis!

As a final thing, the Inventors will play the Baltimore Kingfishers on Monday, September 13th. Baltimore has been impressive so far this year, but hopefully the Inventors can defeat them. Good luck to the Inventors!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Philadelphia Inventors vs. New York Knights Week 3

The Philadelphia Inventors take on the New York Knights this Tuesday. A preview from the New York Knights blog can be found here. This will be a tough match up, but the Inventors are putting out their winning Week 1 line up.

Good luck to them!