Friday, October 1, 2010

Hi I am back.

Well, I finally got my computer all sorted out so I will be able to post regularly again. I have decided on a few things.

First, I wont be doing the Chess Tactics of the Day anymore, at least for a while. They were pretty fun for me to do, but there are tons of tactics all over the place on the internet, so it is kind of redundant for me to put one up everyday. I mean, I have three gadgets with Chess Tactics of the Day at the bottom of my page!

Second, I am not going to make any sort of post about the Philadelphia Inventors past few matches. People have already read about this stuff elsewhere, so I will just say, in case you havent been following them at all, that they are doing pretty well, but things could be better. They have had a lot of ties and close lost matches and that type of thing. I think they still have a chance of pulling off some a solid ending to the season and sneaking into the playoffs. It is going to be pretty tough though. If you look at the bottom 4 teams in the East, though, the Inventors have the highest game winning percentage, at 44%. The other teams are all around 35%. 44% is not good, but the Inventors could easily be at something like 2-4, or even 2.5-3.5 if they had a little bit of luck.

Finally, the Inventors next match is on Wednesday October 6th against the New England Nor'easters. Maybe the Inventors can start a massive comeback! Good luck to them!