Sunday, August 22, 2010

2010 Philadelphia Inventors: Matthew Bengtson

Matthew Bengtson has his own webpage. No, I didnt put the wrong link up there or get the wrong Matthew Bengtson. Matthew Bengtson is an accomplished pianist as well as an accomplished chess player. If you go to the left hand side of his page, go to Interests and then Chess and you can see the chess portion of his web page. If you want to listen to some good music while going over the Philadelphia Inventors chess games, I suggest checking out this. Scriabin is awesome, and his Piano Sonatas are some of his best pieces.

Bengtson actually has a My Best Games section on his page. Rather than post those here, visit his site to check them out. I will try and find some of his other games.

Bengtson doesnt end up getting the win in this game, but it is a very well fought game against Grandmaster Sergey Kudrin. Bengtson was very close to getting a draw, which is an impressive feat.

Here, Bengtson has a nice win against US Chess League opponent Gregory Braylovsky. Bengtson plays calmly and perhaps Braylovsky over presses. In any event, Bengtson is able to win a Dark Squared Bishop vs. Dark Squared Bishop ending.

Hopefully Bengtson will have to add some games to his My Best Games section over the course of this year's Chess League. Good luck to him!

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