Friday, August 20, 2010

2010 Philadelphia Inventors: Magesh Panchanathan

Well, the good news is that the US Chess League starts this Monday. The bad new is that this came up really quickly, and I have only done one player profile for the 2010 Philadelphia Inventors team!

The rest of the roster is up and can be found here.

I am going to Blitz out a bunch of player profiles for the remaining 9 players then over this weekend. Quality will be non existent! Haha, no quality will be fine. I will just go through one game of each player, and very brief biographical stuff.

The 2010 Philadelphia Inventors top board this year is Magesh Panchanathan. He is an 27 year old Grandmaster who has done well in tournaments in the United States, India, Canada and Scotland. In 2005, he shared 1st place in the 2005 World Open in Philadelphia. Lubomir Kavalek went over one of his games for the Washington Post. This is Magesh Panchanathan's first year with the Philadelphia Inventors, but he has played with the Dallas Destiny before.

Lets look at a few of his games!

A nice tactic with Nxf7 gives Magesh Panchanathan a nice position. In the final position all of White's pieces work well together to form a mating net around Black's King. The White Dark Squared Bishop attacks the c7 and b8 squares. The White Rook holds the Black Rook to the b-file, the Light Squared Bishop attacks the a6 square, and the White Queen prepares to move to a6 checkmating the Black King.

The only way Black can prevent checkmate is through massive loss of material.

Notice that the Black King cannot move out of danger by Kc8.

Unfortunately, I am having difficulty finding games from the 2005 World Open that Magesh Panchanathan tied for first at. It would be nice to see his later round games. Here is his Second Round win, though.

A nice tactic wins the exchange.

One last game from the Second Mumbai Mayor Cup from 2009. Magesh Panchanathan shared 1st through 4th in this tournament.

Well, that will wrap up this post about Magesh Panchanathan. Have fun and Good luck to him!

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