Friday, August 20, 2010

2010 Philadelphia Inventors: Kavinayan Sivakumar

Well, now that we have taken a look at the 2010 Philadelphia Inventors top board, lets take a look at their 10th board. Kavinayan Sivakumar currently has a USCF rating of 2183, which is good, but perhaps even more impressive is the fact that in 2006, he had a USCF rating of 569! It has only taken Kavinayan Sivakumar 4 years or so to go from beginner to high level Expert. We shouldnt be surprised, then, if Sivakumar outplays his rating a bit during this Chess League.

Being a younger chess player, he does not have as many games online as some of the other more established players on the Philadelphia Inventors, but he also seems to be very comfortable with blogging and Chess. You can read some blog posts of his here and here. I believe he is also a major contributor for the Philadelphia Inventors official chess blog Of course, the whole League is about chess, but Kavinayan Sivakumar's contributions to the team in the form of blog posts will also be appreciated.

Definately make sure to check out the many games of Sivakumar on the Philadelphia Inventors blog. Lets look at a few of his games that are not featured there.

Here Kavinayan Sivakumar gets an aggressive draw against Expert Ian Harris. Sivakamur is able to get a nice passed a pawn to the 7th Rank, but sadly for him Harris was able to defend his position.

Another exciting draw against Jim West. Thanks to Jim West for posting this game on his blog, Jim West On Chess.

Perhaps Sivakumar will become a National Master over the course of this year's Chess League. That would be great! Good luck to him.

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