Monday, August 9, 2010

2010 Philadelphia Inventors: Karl Dehmelt

Well, 4 of the 9 roster spots of the Philadelphia Inventors have been added.

Lets talk about current 1st board, Karl Dehmelt.

Karl Dehmelt was born in 1957 and currently has a USCF rating of 2308. This makes him 10th highest rated player in PA. Dehmelt has been very active in USCF tournaments in Southeastern PA. He was inducted in the Philadelphia Modern Chess Hall of Fame in 2003.

Dehmelt has received three IM norms, but did not pursue the minimum chess rating required to become an IM. Hey, maybe he will get his rating up this year in the Chess League!

Ok, lets look at some of his games.

Good stuff.

Well, you cant win them all. And Karl Dehmelt held his own against Anand, which not many people can say.

What a nice sacrifice on 34...Nxh3.

Unfortunately, though, I cant find any games more recent that 1989!

Apparently Karl Dehmelt switched to playing more correspondence chess. Maybe someone with one of the big correspondence databases can post some moves to one of his more recent games.

Anyway, I think this is Karl Dehmelt's first run through with the Philadelphia Inventors. It will be exciting to see how he does. Hopefully he enjoys himself and ups his rating to 2400 so he can become an IM.

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